At the start of 2023, I set out to publish a blog a month on this website.  I have succeeded with this being the final episode of the year.  Did I achieve my ultimate goal?  Not really. Got some new followers which is always special. Welcome to you all. Did my writings get out there more. I think so.  The highlight of year was obviously being part of the GIFTED anthology published by Bridge House in the UK. If you haven’t got your copy, the details are below;

GIFTED is available in paperback or kindle format from the publisher or from Amazon 

2024 will not see a blog a month like 2023, but hopefully some meaningful news and updates on projects I am developing.  As always, if you are involved in a drama group, please check out my library of full-length plays and one act plays. There is a variety.  Some fun, some serious. Some Irish, Some American, Some contemporary, some historical. Some have large casts, some small.  One thing for definite, you will not be disappointed with the stories.  People like you can bring them to life. Of course, I have material of interest to publishers as well.  Please don’t be shy about making contact.

Then of course there is my huge bank of coaching experience and knowledge. If this is your area of interest, please reach out through my contact details or speak to me in person. I don’t bite!

For now, I would like to wish anyone who supported me or followed my work and of course all my friends and relations, a very Happy Christmas and a New Year of good health.  Let’s all hope that the world we live in becomes a much more peaceful and better place with honesty and trust to the forefront.

If you have been shy about reaching out to me, please do so in 2024.  The opportunities dwindle as life progresses.  Don’t miss them and remember DREAMS AND AMBITIONS HAVE NO LIMIT.


The website is one year old today! As members of the smallest author fan club in the world I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for looking at the website and its content at least once in the past year. Thank You.

Due to the special day that is in it and the festive period that is coming, I’m relaunching the full length play script called “Christmas Reunion” CHRISTMAS REUNION

The play was first launched in 1997 (21 years ago!), but is one that has never been performed. Set between 1985 and 1995, it may bring back some nostalgic moments for some and raise emotions for other in what I’d like to think is a festive thriller. What better for the festive season than some chocolate and a drink of your choice with some tissues next to you reading and weeping (hopefully for the right reason). Then add in some mystery and maybe some happy moments and you have a typical Christmas classic. I hope you can stay awake until the end but don’t tell me what happens at the end!! I like the suspense.

Unfortunately on the downside to manage costs of the website, I have to increase the fan club membership fee by 10%. You can all do the math on what you paid this year yourself.  Next year I’m hoping to grow the social media following and maybe even my Mother might follow me if she gets broadband in the new year! (Doubtful!). It would be great to get a following on my social media platforms but more important have people read my works and spread the word and share works. Welcome to any publishers. Please like and share my content.

Feliz Navidad

Seamus D. Norris