I have just completed my winter writing project. It is a one-act play called DELAYED. I would really like to see it performed on the Irish one-act circuit later in the year. It features two characters in their fifties, one male and one female.  It’s the type of play that should suit many amateur drama groups who have more “experienced” actors looking for material that allows them a variety of emotions as well as a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a chance to relive their youth.  For the drama group the set is a simple. Just a few seats located at an airport (Luton) boarding gate. It is the ideal play for an amateur drama group and it is fresh material set now but remembering the past as the chemistry of the two characters and their back story evolves.

If you are a director, please consider it as your play of choice for your group for the circuit. Click on the link below for a summary and the opportunity to read the script. Please make contact through the Contact form. I look forward to hearing from, you.


One thought on “DELAYED

  1. Would love to read your play Seamus. Would you send us a pdf please?
    Best wishes,
    Kilcumney Players Theatre Group
    Co. Kilkenny


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