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Deletion The world is in apocalyptic ruin initiated by a virus pandemic as a government analyst considers his future by pondering on his past. 
Blood Battle The American Civil War and the aftermath of the Battle of Amelia Springs is the setting for a game of cat and mouse between a Union soldier and a Confederate soldier as they fight for their principles in a battle for survival and death. 
The Pattern of Seamie O'Connell A young man stands by his Father’s fresh grave mourning his loss and the failure of his Father to achieve his dream. Or did he? A local legend of Gaelic Football appears and relates a story of sporting drama and great leadership.
Life A girl on the verge of self-harm meets a man with a story of joy and sadness based around a young couple’s effort to conceive a child.
The Banshee Of Ballyhoo A young boy’s childhood experience with the supernatural.
Hope Lives A heartbroken man who plans to commit suicide after the death of his wife crosses paths with a woman who looking forward and travelling to be with her fiancé during a major storm at Christmas in 1997.
Heart Of Steel A man has a double brush with death due to cardiac arrest
Hounslow West To Leicester Square An Irish professional on a business trip takes a train on the London Underground from Hounslow West to Leicester Square on the Piccadilly Line and observes the comings and goings of the other passengers.
The Pillow Torturer A private detective is obsessed with the possibility that his former lover’s partner is a serial rapist and killer.  He believes he is in a race against time to prove it and to save her and their daughter.
The Majors Wife Set during the gruesome Apaches Wars with the Cochise led Chiricahua Apache in the 1800’s.  It is the story of love triangle between a young U.S. Cavalry Officer, his wife and an older officer. 
The Ballad Of Sam Stone An Irishman relates the story his grandfather in America told him about an ancestor who was a legendary gunfighter in the Wild West.
The Sub A junior hurling championship match is viewed from the perspective of one of the substitutes. 
Horse Sense Two bachelor brothers living on a farm in the 1970’s try to figure how their horse disappeared.
The Finish The finish of a steeplechase where the dark horse battles the favourite in a close finish.
Chasing Donkeys A boy tries to catch two donkeys for a neighbour in the hope of a special reward.
The Missing Horse Story of two bachelor brothers living on a farm in the seventies and the disappearance their working horse.
The Greatest Story Ever A writer lies awake trying to come up with the greatest short story ever written.
Heaven In A Storm A couple have a lustful romantic encounter during a blizzard.