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Who's Your Father Set in a rural part of Kilkenny in 1982, not long after the All-Ireland Hurling final. It centres on a teenage girl’s Debs Ball where her choice of escort leads to the revelation of a dark family secret. 



Christmas Reunion Traces the fortunes of a group of friends from the south east of Ireland who get together at a disco in Christmas 1985. An event that changes their lives forever. The story follows their lives to a dramatic conclusion, at Christmas 1995. Disappeared girls, tragic deaths and an evasive serial killer challenges friendships and loyalty.  The story is narrated by an aspiring  screenwriter trying to sell his screenplay of their story to a renowned film producer.



(+1 Female Child)

Hunters For Revenge The proud sheriff of the western town of Liberty must face notorious killers without the help of the townsfolk. Then along comes a mysterious stranger. There is a tense wait and a bloody battle seems inevitable.



The Con Trilogy Three one act plays combined to make one epic drama full of intrigue. (See One Act plays)



Rathmore A young man returns from the city to his hometown rural community where he tries to turn around the fortunes of the parish hurling team which has fallen almost to the point of collapse.




Secrets Of Love A mixture of real life and fantasy, tells the bedtime story of a noble quest as a prince sets out to win the princess and find the secrets of love.


Adults 3M/1F

Childern 1M/1F/10 Either

All types of Drama groups are invited to make contact and perform any of these plays